Thursday, 23 April 2015

The next level of marketing has arrived!

In today’s world of enormous competition in every sphere, even the digital space is filled with numerous search engines and an ocean of results. As much as internet has made the exploration simpler, the more number of results make it difficult to decide what exactly to take from the plentiful pages online. The newest marketing focuses on the entered keywords to deliver the best possible outcomes to the online users.

Search engines have now become expert librarians who come up with closest and most relevant selections. These results are deemed to be aligned in the order of importance and so 90% of the people using these engines pay more heed to the initial ones. Sooner than 2020, the huge amount of information that has clogged internet may further increase by 600% as per conservative estimates. Thus, going through more pages to search for particular information becomes a tedious task. In consequence, people simply go for the first few results. Apart from being trusted as existing in the order of significance, it is also easy for one to simply zero down on what catches their eyes first. The process acts like “an expert advice” lifeline used in the popular quiz contest- “Kaun Banega Crorepati”. The digital simplifies the work and has subsequently gained the trust of the end users. We as marketers should therefore, utilize this facet of the digital world and endeavor to come up to the first results in the search options. 


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