Thursday, 2 April 2015

SVG Media (Gold Sponsor) for Ad:tech, New Delhi, 2015 – A Journey to Success

SVG Media (Gold Sponsor) for Ad:tech, 

New Delhi, 2015 – A Journey to Success

The 5th chapter of the largest digital marketing event ad:tech, New Delhi 2015 was a pronounced 
accomplishment with engaging/leading speakers, delegates, brands and exhibitors from all around 
the world presenting their ideas/services for the digital media industry.
Opportunities don’t happen, you create them and SVG media continued its flight to
success with third time association with ad:tech Delhi as the Gold Sponsor. 

SVG Media rocked the show at ad:tech Delhi with its engaging and attractive Beer Garden
Party housing all its five entities- Tyroo, DGM, SeventyNine, PrecisionMatch, nNext
and a uniquely created All Day Chai Zone by Chai Point.
Just as the other creative ideas implemented by SVG Media (Smoking Zone, Giveaway Cigarette 
Lighters & Tic-Tac), our All Day Chai Zone and Beer
counter was the epicenter of all attention at the ad:tech and a great hit with
a footfall of around 
2000+ people over the 2 days of the event. A total of 1200+ Chai
600+ Beer,1200+ Cigarettes200+ Tic – Tac and 300+
Cigarette Lighters
 were consumed over the 2 days of ad:tech 2015.

Running parallely to the offline activity was our ‘Client Selfie Contest’
Twitter engagement programme for internal employees, which too received a wonderful response. 
Priyanka Pathania, RSM North – Sales won the contest with sharing the maximum of
15 Selfies with clients 
(Maxbupa, Magic Bricks, Google, LinkedIn, GSK, Amex, Twitter, Bajaj, 
Del Monte, IBIBO, Hot Star, Yatra, General Motors, Make My Trip, Intelli Paat and We Chat.)
IMG-20150319-WA0004 IMG-20150320-WA0014
Ad:tech New Delhi was not only a great networking platform for the
digital world but also a great knowledge sharing/engaging experience
for our team as well.
DSCN1402    DSCN1410
If you don’t design your own plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone
else’s plan but we at SVG Media believe in the power of creating ideas
and executing our own plans to move towards success and ad:tech
Delhi was a exhibition of some of our great ideas planned and
implemented well.


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