Wednesday, 29 April 2015

ROI matters!

The world of marketing business has seen immense boom with the introduction of digital in the 21st century. This growing importance of digital in marketing business has made the evaluation of its success an imperative.
The brand awareness created by social media-including ‘like’, 'connections’ and ‘retweets’ is valuable, but not enough. Only 24% of marketers feel that their social strategy is connected to business outcomes. To demonstrate your brand value and social media, you need to measure social media ROI (Return on Investment) as it is related to the broader business goals. ROI demonstrates profitability and how effective is your marketing strategy. 53% of CMOs express that ROI is metric used to measure success in the business. The statistics speak volumes about the application of ROI. Checking this metric will provide you with an accurate pulse of the health of your digital marketing campaign. In time you will be able to examine which will work best for you and why. Thus it will help in maintaining the steady marketing rhythm.

So, instead of just counting the number of Facebook likes you get or the number of followers you have on twitter, move ahead with the pace of digital and utilize the resources to make your digital marketing stand out.              


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