Thursday, 30 April 2015

Things to look for before devising and executing a video advertising campaign.

Adding life to messages is the next big thing that the marketers all around the globe are vying for. The decision makers are in love with the new growing popularity of online videos because it is capable of providing maximum impact within the shortest span of time. 

Studies indicate that videos are more superior when it comes to establishing a personal & emotional connect with the viewers.

As per recent comScore report:-

The graph above shows that the digital video market has a wide and diverse range of viewers available. In fact video advertising is growing faster than any other content marketing options.  

However, there are a few things that the advertisers need to keep in mind when they devise and execute a video advertising campaign:

1. Rise in the number of video platforms - We are seeing more and more publishers offering Video content to their consumers. This is turn is providing marketers with a wide choice to execute videos advertising  and reaching the desired target audience.

2. Access from multiple devices - With the explosion of mobile phones, more and more people are accesing video content throgh their smartphones as opposed to laptops & desktops. Thus, marketers who are making videos a part of their core content marketing strategy also have the option of reaching their target audiences through multiple devices. The challenge lies in adjusting to smaller screen size and shorter attention spans of potential consumers. We will soon have users accessing content though connected TVs, wearables etc. 

3. Business casual - Being formally casual is the new norm. Marketers are now creating videos that are more irreverent - and more engaging. We see videos being more informative, intensive, upbeat, entertaining and easy to digest. Formal communication is becoming passe in the digital world.

4. Sharing skills - Social networks are becoming a second home or even first home for the digital natives.  We see users sharing interesting content within their social networks. This can give brands an opportunity to ride on the viral factor.  

5. Less is more - Attention span of an online consumer is 10 to 15 seconds for a video content.  To exit out is just a button away. Hence brands have to create crisp and engaging / immersive video content.

So, before giving a final go ahead to the video campaign , marketers would do well to factor the above in so that they are able to leverage the best out of their video advertising campaign.