Wednesday, 20 August 2014

DGM India sets up dgLabs

DGM has set-up dgLabs a unique stay and work atmosphere.

dgLabs is aiming to create world class products in the digital (mobile & web) advertising area. dgLabs will push the envelope by engineering world class and cutting edge prototype technologies and components based on domain innovations, writing papers, and formulating patents. It will also be involved in the technical transfer of innovation into main DGM products, working with engineers and other roles across the company providing a great opportunity for knowledge gain and sharing, networking, and potentially being part of product definition.

dgLabs empower employees to achieve this by giving an unrestricted and free environment on their home. The employees live in a company guest house and work at the same place. The atmosphere is completely casual with no working hours. All the employees have to do is stick to the deadlines of the projects they are working on. In short it’s a hostel environment which they are used to while graduating from their engineering  courses. The employees in dgLabs are fresh engineers from Delhi College of Engineering and BITS, Pilani.

The employees do go to office which is nearby to attend meetings and other official work as and when required. However for the majority of time they work from the residential office only.

Management at DGM India believes that by providing the employees with the same environment which is unrestricted and casual, it will bring out the best in terms of innovations and delivery thereby achieving the vision of dgLabs.