Tuesday, 15 April 2014

5 Digital Trends for 2015

Anurag Gupta, Managing Director DGM India talks about the digital trends for the future...

Digital advertising spends in India: 

Digital advertising in India will continue to outpace the other media. I reckon that by 2015 Digital advertising will be well over 10% of total advertising from current 7% levels.

There will be continued dominance of performance metrics based pricing, however  mobile and video advertising will grow significantly.


There will be thousands of ecommerce players emerging in India who will look at ecommerce from a sales/profitability angle. Indian buyers will slowly start shifting buying online for convenience as opposed to better deals/prices. Amongst the larger players we should see some consolidation.

Social Media: 

I see sustained interest in Social media. However the distinction between personal and professional usage of social media will continue to blur. For e.g. I see facebook being used significantly for business purpose in times to come.

Mobile Internet: 

More and more Indians will access Internet through their mobile phones. There will be a growth in WAP but an explosion in Applications & App traffic.  What will be interesting to watch out is the App v/s WAP consumption behaviour of users specially when about 155 million people are using mobile internet now.

Connected devices:

We should see more and more devices being ‘connected’ in times to come. 10% of internet usage in India will move to these connected devices in the near future.

Innovations & Entrepreneurship: 

We should see continued environment of entrepreneurial ideas & innovations in India. With number of incubator cells and accelerators growing and a large number of International accelerators setting up in India; we should see some real good innovations and products along with an exponential rise in number of entrepreneurs.